Friday, March 29, 2019

On the wings of an Angel

Many things can make for a great design but who can one-up an one in my book! So I sat down at my studio workbench the other day and out came this unique OOAK chair. I call it my Angel Wings Ladies Chair:

A Heavenly wood chair that's inventively stunning

Lavishly covered in a soft blue silk & antique lace

And, oh look. here's a beautiful Angel Wings Ladies Dressing Table
filled with wonderful writing supplies, perfume bottle, crystal lamp and more

Even the gold cord trim and silk ribbon bows say "Heavenly"

My miniature furniture is such a treat for me to create and there's plenty more on the way! You'll find this wonderful Angel Wings Ladies Chair and Dressing Table in  my Etsy shop , along with many other one of a kind treasures for the collector who wants to treat themself to the finest of statement pieces.

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It's the year of being selective, maybe even quirky, so dare to be different and let your freak flag fly!


Sunday, February 17, 2019

Why not....miniature collectors know the answer

Ever wonder what a miniature artist does for FUN? They let their mind share their vision and tell the hands how to bring the creations to life. That's how I'm spending more of my studio time in this new year. I'm designing and creating fabulous one of a kind miniature furniture for my collectors to select from so they can complete their miniature world vision of fantasy and FUN!

Here are a few more examples of  my latest creations:

Feast your eyes on  The Marie Ladies Desk and Chair

The Marie desk comes with all the bits & bobs seen here

The Marie chair is adorned in rich blue and gold silk, antique lace & silk ribbons

What proper lady of the period wouldn't want treasures like this

This breath taking combination desk and chair are two of many unique miniature furniture creations currently available in my Etsy shop . They're ready to add that unique twist my collectors the world over search for and so enjoy. These art treasures answer the question "why not" deserve to own what you like to customize and complete your miniature world!

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This new year is already turning out to be more fun than I've had in some time, creating what so many of you have asked for....unique one of a kind fully posable miniature dolls, furnishings and accessories that make a classic statement in your doll house, cottage or castle.


Sunday, February 3, 2019

Valentine's Surprise....say it with a LoreleiBlu miniature!

Cupid is right around the corner! Many of my collectors gift themselves on Valentine's day with a miniature doll or that special piece of quirky doll house furniture or another original creation from my studio. That way they get just the right addition to their miniature world. And at the same time they make it easy on their loved one who might be stumped by what to get them! 

Here are two more new treasures just added to my world of original one of a kind miniature creations:

Introducing my Marie Antoinette Bed....oh my!

A beauty in fine silk, ribbon and antique lace

Ready for one of my special dolls to slip in and settle

And here's my sitting bench, also in silk with classic braiding and pillows

The Marie Antoinette bed and bench 

At the LoreleiBlu Studio, our goal is to create unique and exciting miniatures that turn heads, make the right statement in your miniature world and add to the pleasure you receive from collecting month after month through trained eyes for timeless quality.

The Marie Antoinette bed and bench are part of my 2019 creations. You can view more  in my Etsy shop, where there's always a surprise to open your eyes and bring delight to your miniature fashion fantasy.

CONTACT: Questions - Commission Requests - Information - Feedback, all are welcome and it's so easy to reach out to the artist LoreleiBlu.

Celebrate Valentine's Day, and ever day given you, with the finer things in life. Surround yourself with those treasures that make you happy and bring joy to your deserve it!


Monday, January 21, 2019

A new year and another EPIC one to create and enjoy!

Ho-Ho-Hold the ordinary and collect an original creation that will provide you with a lifetime of pleasure! 

Much needed time away from my studio over the holidays gave me the opportunity to reflect on my craft, the treasures I've created in years past and my future goals. My decision is to expand LoreleiBlu Miniatures offerings with more, and uniquely different, one of a kind miniatures from character dolls, exciting and whimsical doll house furniture, beautiful hand painted portraits and even unique musical instruments.

In the past few weeks here are just a few of my new creations -

My hand painted cherry blossom chair in antique velvet

Feast your eyes on my silk Knole Settee

Original style was 17th. century from Knole in Kent

I painted this Early American style portrait and made the custom frame

Here's my Russian 3 string Balalaika, hand-crafted & hand-painted

My renewed love for what I do is starting my year out with this grand vision...have fun and share it with collectors around the world. That's exactly what I'm doing and I hope you enjoy my expansion. Please drop in on my Etsy shop, brows around and remember, all of my creations are OOAK originals never to be duplicated, so buy what you like before it's gone....and do tell your friends!

CONTACTS: Questions - Commission Requests - Information - Feedback , just use your magic mouse and speak with me, LoreleiBlu

I'm living proof, do what you love and the right folks will love what you creation at a time! Bringing  a lifetime of excitement to your miniature world.


Saturday, November 17, 2018

Guess Who's Coming to Town!

Christmas - Hanuka - Kwanzaa....what ever you celebrate, it's a time to share tender times with family and friends be they big or miniature size!

Here at the LoreleiBlu Miniatures studio we celebrate life and all of you, be you a collector or just a fan of dolls of all sizes and their accessories. The doll world affords us many opportunities to enjoy life, more often than just living in our day to day surroundings. In my one of a kind world I can be anyone or anything I choose to be, hang out with anyone I can imagine and create new memories that often reflect back on the past. 

My special place is filled with love and laughter and my goal is to help you create your special place, surrounded by miniature people that have big personalities, small egos and help create very happy memories for you and your loved ones.

These two friends need no introduction.........

All the way from the North Pole

Mr. and Mrs. Claus....the guests of honor

Friends of millions of folks for hundreds of years, country to country- no matter what the language, the dress or the world situation. Santa and Mrs. Claus are my one of a kind contributions to these joyous holidays. You'll find them in my Etsy shop, along with many friends from around the globe, world class OOAK miniature furniture and delightful accessories. 

And if you find something you like there's time for Santa to get it to your doll house, room box, castle or cottage before the big day! But don't wait, if you see things you must have, act fast....all of my creations are one of a kind, hand made with no molds so once it's gone, it's gone for ever!

Please take a little well deserved time during these fun filled days and drop in for a relaxed visit of my creations. I think you'll find it to be an experience that you'll want to share with your friends. And Mrs. Claus will even serve you a proper cup of tea!

CONTACT: Questions - Commission Requests - Information - Feedback. LoreleiBlu is here for you.


The After Halloween Party!

I hope Halloween was a grand time for all. I've got to admit that candy corn is still one of my favorites...and it's been many, many years since an ad for that has been on TV or the Internet, "WOW, it's pure sugar and a true cavity creator". 

OK back to the land or reality, it's time to check out one of my sweet and favorite dolls, her name is Jane Seagrass and she's VERY BRITISH!

She's no plain Jane in her cashmere sweater, cameo and comfy slippers

Of course during WWII a lady had to look her best, even relaxing

Jane has her kitty and her tea to keep her warm until her husband returns safely

I have a love for the 1940's that spans from England to Chicago and back. Please visit my Etsy Shop and there you'll find Jane Seagrass and friends like Thea Meadowsweet, just waiting to share memories of England - past, present and future, with you. They will make your doll house, room box, cottage or castle the talk of your miniature circle.

And please bring your friends....ti's the season to share happy thoughts and if  you're like me, that's what the miniature doll world does. It helps me reflect on the good life, from when I was a little girl growing up to today. Designing and making dolls, unique one of a kind furniture and accessories, to me, is a labor of love and I'm so grateful for collectors the world over that enjoy my creations. I've been told they receive the same pleasures from them.

CONTACT: Questions - Commission  Requests - Information - Feedback. I'm just a mouse click away

Lots to be thankful for this holiday season, let's grab a cup of cheer (tea or stronger) together and make the collectors at your home or on your gift list cheer with delight. An original creation from the LoreleiBlu Studio just might do the trick.


Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Halloween...the Crescendo! has arrived, the night of nights, the friends of past are here at last! And what better way to welcome them back then with candy and cookies and Kitkats, OH MY!

So I'm making this one short so we can all freshen up our makeup and go scare the heck out of the neighbors....or whoever you hang out with on this night of nights.

Wanted to take a moment to say THANKS to these old pals who scared the Holy H#@% out of us as kids many years back: 

The Three Amigos of fear and fright from the past...can you get their names right?

Then their's my creation of fear and fright today - Hecate' Dragonblood

And let us not forget the fantastic writers that took away our sleep, like Poe & King

So I'll say to you my collectors and friends of the miniature creations are small in size and larger than life in spirit. Be safe and grab that moon to share with others you know, that get it.

Happy Halloween from my team at LoreleiBlu Miniatures, may you rest ever so peaceful on this night of fright.

Happy Haunting,